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Employee Training

Digital training could be so effective!

Looking for an effective way to train employees, they pitched the Tauriba Academy, which would be completely remote.

employees trained in one year
60 h
saved per month
months training
Memberspot is a gamechanger for our employees. Our employees were integrated within 2 months.

About Marius Prince of TAURIBA

Marius Prinz is CEO of TAURIBA GmbH. He and his co-founders and business partners Vincent Musche and Ali Jashar Babaei founded the real estate agent company in Berlin. Their business model is being a digital real estate agency. Within a year, they have grown from 3 to 13 employees through Memberspot Onboarding.


They were looking for an effective way to train employees remotely. The motivation of the employees increased, which led to them better absorbing the content.


It was important for them to be able to offer a clear and appealing user interface, as this can also improve motivation. 


With Memberspot, now Marius doesn't have to explain the same information to every employee. It only takes him seconds to send a link of the right video. Every employee learns the same information through the trainings, so there are less misunderstandings. The attached files, which contain tasks for the employees, always bring change into the learning process.