How Agencies and Consultants reduce fulfilment cost with digital client and employee onboarding

Improve customer satisfaction by incorporating an easy-to-use video platform and learning the top techniques for post-purchase service as an agency or consultant.

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How Agencies use Memberspot

Client onboarding logo

Agency client onboarding

Right at the beginning of a partnership, you can show your clients what the service you provide is all about and build your company's credibility.
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Employee onboarding

Make sure your employees have all the knowledge they need for their work. Document SOP's and business processes.
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Implementing digital trainings for customer

Help your customer digitalize their businesses with video trainings. There are many uses for Memberspot.

And this is how the agency client onboarding training works

Whether you're an agency or consultant - we'll help you get started with instructions, tips and fast support, and the free migration service.


Create Video Onboarding

Explain your service's what, why, and how in video courses

Guide Customers

Guide the project delivery process with automation to ensure scalable growth and high quality

Unlocking predictable growth

Streamline fulfillment and foster scalability and increase profit

Get your free onboarding training

Agency client onboarding training

  • Discover which onboarding pitfalls cause the biggest problems and how to avoid them
  • Learn more about agency onboarding best practices
  • Free video training and onboarding template for agencies who want to grow
  • Includes Agency Onboarding 101 PDF Guide (48p.)
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Course Overview Memberspot

A digitally guided agency client onboarding to go

Smartphone Mockup

Your app, youre branding

  • Improve the experience of your customers, with your app
  • Your customizable branding, with optional dark mode
  • With integrated surveys pop-ups to check on client
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Set up every client for success
with Customer Hubs

Client Hubs with dynamic links

  • One place with all links created through integrations
  • Deliver a great "day one" experience
  • Optimize your client onboarding process & tasks
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Client Portal Example

Unlock the Power of Repeatability and Predictability with Our Agency Client Onboarding Solution


Automated client onboarding

  • Set up an efficient client onboarding workflow
  • Streamline process with automation
  • Guarantee an effective onboarding
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Connect all your tools to processes

Powerful Integration

  • Memberspot easily integrates into your technology stack
  • Automate task and reduce repetitive labour task
  • Accelerate your agencies' growth
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Track your clients progress


See detailed user reports

  • Keep track of the onboarding experience
  • Recognize issues in client participation ahead of time
  • Improve your onboarding with data
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100% white label solution

Your branding

  • Premium experience in your design
  • Onboarding courses on your homepage
  • Easy to use editor
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Design your Content

Great Learning Experience

Learning progress

Best software experience

  • Start with a good first impression
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Retain customers in the long term
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Connect with your clients

Create chat spaces like FB groups or forum

  • Full control over your audience and client
  • No distraction
  • Video courses and communication platform in one place
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E-Learning UI

Use standard roles for team member or create your own with individual rights

Admin Permissions

Made for small and large teams

  • Only give your team members the permissions they need
  • Manage multiple areas for your company and your clients
  • Use predefined roles or create your own roles with custom permission
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Share templates and copy courses to your client's e-learning platform

Transfer content like templates or courses for resell

  • One click transfer
  • Manage multiple accounts without the need to logout and login
  • Help companies with digitalization and profit
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Transer Courses

Our customers love Memberspot

"We streamlined our employee onboarding and divided every business process into roles. All SOP's are explained and documented within Memberspot. We achieved scalable growth through more sales since we removed the fulfilment bottleneck."
viet profiel
Viet Pham Tuan
CEO Social Natives GmbH
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"Memberspot has been an invaluable tool for our agency. We use it to onboard and train our employees, and it has helped us streamline our processes and increase efficiency. The platform is easy to use, and the customer support is top-notch. I highly recommend Memberspot to any company looking to improve their onboarding and training process."
eric größig
Eric Größig
logo größig
"Memberspot has been a game changer for our marketing agency. Compared to our previous tool, we have seen a 20% increase in efficiency in administrating the platform.

We use it for three main purposes: internal training of employees, hosting of online courses and as a video academy for our consulting program.

The platform is user-friendly, intuitive and makes it easy for us to create and deliver training and courses. We highly recommend it to any marketing agency looking to improve the skills of their employees and provide better service to their clients."
profile sergej
Sergej Dubowik
CEO SalesPower GmbH
sales power logo
"The Tesla among LMS and e-learning course platforms."
Portrait Sascha Stark
Sascha Stark
Sascha Starck Coaching & Consulting GmbH
"The usability is much higher than with Kajabi"
Robert Blankenburg
Headcoach & Founder of Consciousness Business Coaching®️
" We were immediately convinced from the beginning and our customers love the platform, especially the app."
Maria Strehl
Strehl & Müller-Hoffmann Consulting
"We save time in administration and consequently also save costs. On top came the frictionless course migration with all customers and content."
Katja Graumann
Personal Trainer Business Coaching
"Very compelling in terms of performance and speed."
Niklas Becker
CEO Becker Consulting GmbH
"Better than any other membership area platform at a top price. Support is also extremely fast and helpful."
Alexander Krauß
CEO of Digitalhoneycomb, Online-Marketing Agency
"We used Kajabi for a long time and were quite satisfied with it. But now that I know how to do it better, I couldn't imagine going back, because Memberspot beats Kajabi hands down!"
Michael Wohlfart
Kanzleibooster GmbH
"I am very happy with my switch from Coachy to Memberspot. The support and especially the personal contact is really excellent. I can highly recommend it!"
Portrait Jan Bahmann
Jan-Magnus Bahmann
Bahmann Coaching GmbH
"The course management is so easy, just right up my street, because I hate spending hours on tech tools."
Birgit Bollwein
Business & Beauty - Selling with Heart
"Fast, Clean, Reliable, Service Driven"
Alessandro Principe
AP Hochpreisvertrieb GmbH
"I've tried a lot of course platforms before, but Memberspot is really really fun!"
Randolph Moreno Sommer
Fair Family
"I love your software!
I'm a tech & software fan anyway and I must have tested a hundred different tools in the last 7 years of online marketing."
portrait tobias
Tobi Förster

Frequently asked questions

What is the content of this course?

This course is an agency onboarding template video course which provides a step-by-step guide to onboarding new clients, standardization of the process, improving client satisfaction and retention, and can be used as a template for your agency's onboarding process.

It covers topics such as the exact process of the onboarding period, the phases and steps of working together, measuring results, long-term collaboration, communication and collaboration with the agency, services offered, case studies, technical onboarding, document and information exchange, glossary of terms, and training for the client's employees.

The course concludes with a summary and conclusion of the most important parts of the onboarding process.

In the course worth your time?
Klick in the image below to download the Preview of the first 10 pages of the 48 pages long Agency Onboarding PDF Guide.

PDF Guide
How does Memberspot help with the agency client onboarding?

We're here to help agencies and consultants reduce fulfilment costs with digital client and employee onboarding.

Our service is designed to provide the tool to host video courses and client hubs that explain the what, why, and how of onboarding, so you can better explain the process to your clients.

We also use automation to guide the project delivery process, ensuring scalable growth and high-quality results. This helps streamline fulfilment and foster scalability, ultimately increasing your profit.

If you're ready to start reducing your fulfilment costs and increasing your profit, we invite you to take advantage of our free advanced training. With this training, you'll learn the ins and outs of digital onboarding and how to use it to your advantage.

Don't wait! Start your free advanced training today and see the results for yourself.

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Which agencies is this course intended for?

Memberspot is used by many different types of knowledge bases business.

These types of agencies use Memberspot:
Recruitment Agency, Web Designer Agency, Online Marketing Agencies, SEO Agencies and more.

Is the training really for free?

Yes. We share the knowledge we gained working with hundreds of successful and fast-growing agencies. We provide best practices and top education for free since we already know, that a digital onboarding can massively help agencies to strive.
As an e-learning platform, our goal is to enable as many people as possible and to provide a much higher value compared to what we charge for our tool. This is why we educate potential clients for free.

However, it's not mandatory to become a client of Memberspot in order to receive massive value from this onboarding training.

I run an agency. Is this the right course for me?

Absolutely! This course is tailored for agency owners who want to grow and scale their business.

It offers valuable information and tools for agencies looking to improve their onboarding process for new clients. The course provides an in-depth look at best practices for standardizing the process, improving client satisfaction, and using the provided template for a successful onboarding experience. It covers important topics such as communication, collaboration, technical onboarding, and more.

If you're an agency owner looking to take your onboarding process to the next level and grow your agency, this course is definitely for you.

Get your advanced Agency Client onboarding training for free

Get to know the optimal onboarding process and apply it to your company

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  • Discover which onboarding pitfalls cause the biggest problems and how to avoid them
  • Learn more about agency onboarding best practices
  • Free video training for coaches and agencies who want to grow
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