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Our hearts beat for Memberspot, yours too?!

Sure, you don't have to be on fire like us. Nevertheless, you can tell your friends and business partners about us!

We believe that you should benefit more from giving us referrals. That's why we've increased our LIFETIME commission to 30% of the customer's spend. The referrer also gets a 10% discount on the first 12 months as a thank you.

For example:
If only one referral opts for the Memberspot Pro rate and it lasts for 2 years, you'll earn around 640€. You can help us spread the word and earn a nice little extra income on the side.

Currently, many people are already deciding to change their membership platform by themselves.

We make the switch very easy! For your friends who already have a platform, we offer a free migration service and further special conditions. In addition to a better member experience, your friend will benefit from fast performance and ease of use, just like you.

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Conditions of admission


Conditions of participation

No fake testimonials
The distribution and creation of fake testimonials is strictly prohibited.

Spam Prohibition!
Spam is prohibited on all platforms.

No self-purchases
Buying via your own affiliate coupon is prohibited.

Google Adwords
The use of google adwords Search and/or Search & Display as well as the placement of brand advertising is entirely prohibited. Any violation will result in immediate suspension from the Partner Programm.

Brand Bidding
Placing SEA ads with our brand names is also prohibited in other search engines (e.g. Bing).

No Facebook Fanpages
The creation of Facebook fan pages that can be associated with "Memberspot" in any way is prohibited.

Be honest
No false statements or made-up scarcity.

No visitors from porn, racist, human rights violating or file sharing sites.

No passing on of commissions received to the customer when buying via their own link. We want the final price of our products to remain the same and thus ensure fair competition.

Forgotten Coupon Code
The coupon code must be entered before the purchase. Afterwards, this is no longer possible because a subscription is already started.

By violating these rules you will be banned from our affiliate program within a few hours.

This is permitted
Use of our images, videos and texts as part of your own advertisements or articles to promote our products.
Facebook advertising
Blog articles
Email marketing
Youtube advertising

Further conditions of participation
Self-employment: You affirm that you operate as an independent business. The provision of the above-mentioned services takes place in your own name and on your own account.

The partner programme applies to all Memberspot standard tariffs. Individual and Enterprise tariffs are excluded from the partner programme.

Termination: The partnership can be terminated by either party at any time without giving reasons. All claims are to be asserted in text form within two months after the due date, at the latest, however, within two weeks after termination of the contract. If the other party rejects the claim or does not explain itself or does not explain itself clearly within one month of the claim being asserted, the claim shall be forfeited if it is not asserted in court within one month of the rejection or the expiry of the deadline. The preclusion periods do not apply in the case of liability due to intent.

By participating in the Memberspot affiliate programme you agree to the terms and conditions.

How are conversions tracked?

With a referral link or coupon code your conversion will be tracked. If you use the referral link, the conversion is credited to you. However, your referral does not automatically get the 10% discount on the first 12 months. For this, the coupon code must be used. In your dashboard you can see how your conversions progress. You can also view and copy your referral link here.
Partner Dashboard
You get a coupon code. If your referral enters it here before they checkout, you will be credited the affiliate commission. At checkout, he sees the discount he receives.

You will not be informed if a coupon code is deposited. If a payment is received, it will be displayed in your affiliate portal.

Only when a payment is received will it be displayed in your affiliate portal. Please be patient and only inform us when you are sure that a payment has been received. If the checkout has been carried out but the credit card has not been charged (e.g. if the referred customer is still in the free trial period).

The payout always takes place at the beginning of the month. You will receive an information by email. If there is no bank account  or PayPal information, we cannot make a payment. You will receive the payment in the next payment period as soon as the information has been submitted.

In case a customer who wants to cancel through an affiliate partner within the first 30 days, we grant this request without any hassle. For this reason, the payout is not paid out in the next month, but at the beginning of the month after next.

We pay out as soon as the outstanding commission has reached €100.

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