Admin permissions

Admin management with custom roles

You have full control over permissions

Each employee and administrator has only the rights they really need. At the training level, you define whether content can be viewed, edited or deleted.

Use standard roles or create your own roles with individual rights

Each menu in Memberspot can be unlocked separately for each team member. Or use standard roles like Admin, Content Creator, Customer Support and Accounting.

Safe and designed for the most intensive use

Each member area always has an owner role. Only it is allowed to delete the complete training platform. When the Owner role is changed, we always perform a check to prevent misuse and hacking. Also, you can easily switch between training areas without logging out.


Frequently asked questions about creating member areas and online coaching.

What is a members area?

It provides a safe space for networking, promotes exchange and can collectively inform about dates and events. Worksheets can be completed, submitted and shared with the group. You can get group feedback and thus also effect or accelerate a transformation.

What types of content can be made available to a members' area?

What is digital coaching?

How does my coaching become successful?

What are the advantages of a member area?

Why do I need a members area?

How does online coaching work?

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