Comments feature

Collect comments under Lessons in one central place

All comments bundled in one group

Learners can post questions directly under the lessons. All comments are also posted to a group that can be accessed via the community page.

Emails and In App Notifications

Automatically notify members about new comments with emails and in-app notifications. The emails are branded with your logo. Because of the regular contact with your members, they log in to the learning platform more often.

Collaborative learning without distractions, all in one place

No frontal teaching but learning in the community. A better overview for learners and administrators through comments under lessons that are automatically sorted in a group.


Frequently asked questions about creating member areas and online coaching.

What is a members area?

It provides a safe space for networking, encourages sharing, and can collectively provide information about dates and events. Worksheets can be completed, submitted and shared with the group. You can get group feedback and thus also effect or accelerate a transformation.

What types of content can be made available to a members' area?

What is meant by digital coaching?

How does my coaching become successful?

What are the advantages of a member area?

Why do I need a members area?

How does online coaching work?

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