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Your own app with top learning experience and your own design. The PWA app immediately ready for your customers. We also offer to publish your app in the appstore. Let's bring your brand to life together!

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Be present on the home screen of your customers and employees

Be on your members' home screen. This way you are more present and members watch your content more often and use times when they are on the go to consume your content.

Appealing design and increase recognition value through own branding

Stay present with your customers and stand out from the competition.

Members have a better learning experience

Start training with one click, on your tablet or smartphone, compatible with IOS and Android.  Your workout is no longer location bound.


Frequently asked questions about creating member areas and online coaching.

What is a members area?

It provides a safe space for networking, encourages sharing, and can collectively provide information about dates and events. Worksheets can be completed, submitted and shared with the group. You can get group feedback and thus also effect or accelerate a transformation.

What types of content can be made available to a members' area?

What is meant by digital coaching?

How to make my coaching successful?

What are the advantages of a members area?

Why do I need a members area?

How does online coaching work?

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