Automated certificates

E-learning with Certificates

Digital certificates with your branding

Design, develop and award your own personalized digital certificates! Learners invest more when they can prove their competencies at the end of their learning experience.

Automated creation of training certificates

In Memberspot the form fields of the certificate template can be filled automatically with any information. As an administrator, the certificate can be downloaded or reset.


Frequently asked questions about creating member areas and online coaching.

What is the purpose of automated certificates on the Memberspot learning platform?

Automated certificates allow course creators to provide learners with personalized, digital proof of their competencies upon completion of their learning process. This enhances motivation and reinforces the achievement of learning goals.

Can I customize the certificates with my company’s branding?

What information can be included in the certificates?

How do I generate and manage certificates as an administrator?

What tools can I use to create and customize certificates?

How do automated certificates benefit learners?

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