System E-Mails

Send emails and inform members about new learning content

Adjustable email templates, customized for courses and modules

Work with placeholders and send emails with personalized content and branding. Add custom text to emails for each chapter and course.

System e-mails with delivery confirmation

You can send your emails directly from your own email address and use Memberspot as a complete white label solution. Use the delivery confirmation to see immediately if your emails have reached your members.

Optimized e-mail deliveries for popular German e-mail services with a delivery rate >99%.

Even with mailboxes that tend to move emails directly to the spam folder or not receive them at all, such as Yahoo,, Hotmail, t-online and, we have a high delivery rate.


Frequently asked questions about creating member areas and online coaching.

What is a members area?

It provides a safe space for networking, promotes exchange and can collectively inform about dates and events. Worksheets can be completed, submitted and shared with the group. You can get group feedback and thus also effect or accelerate a transformation.

What types of content can be made available to a members' area?

What is meant by digital coaching?

How will my coaching be successful?

What are the advantages of a member area?

Why do I need a member's area?

How does online coaching work?

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