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Management Consultant

Increase motivation of course participants by creating a community spirit!

Loss of quality when uploading content, as well as a confusing course structure at the previous provider for member areas.

Community Members
50 %
less loading times
99 %
Less quality loss
Because of memberspot we don't experience any quality loss on uploads anymore and can offer our members an incredibly well structured members area!

About AMZ Hackers

How do I successfully sell products on Amazon? This is a question that AMZ Hackers have also been dealing with as well. In this interview we talk to Shahroz, he is a Sales Manager at AMZ. Their goal is to help customers understand how to sell products on Amazon effectively and with results.


The quality and interface of the tool were lacking at the previous provider. The video quality decreased and the user surface was confusing.


Because of the loss of quality, the missing communication area and exchange between members, they were looking for a new, high-quality and intuitive platform.


Our tool creates a unique and attractive user interface for the course creators and users. With Memberspot, they can't notice any loss of quality. In addition, their 400 members can now exchange information in our community area and report on their experiences. The clear structure of the individual modules in our tool makes their work easier.