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Relaxed change with our relocation service!

No DRM protection for videos, unnecessary tools, missing integration of other applications, content and support were not in German.

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Memberspot has an excellent price-performance because of the great features.

Nick Geringer from We Build Brands

Nick Geringer is the founder and owner of We Build Brands. They help clients in different life situations to build a business model and become self-employed agency owners. They generate qualified leads or recruit potential employees for you and your company. 


Nick was dissatisfied with his previous platform "Kajabi". Other English- and German-language tools also failed to impress because of their unclear structure and missing support in questions or difficulties. 


An interface that can be customized according to his ideas and a relocation without much effort were factors in his decision to switch to a different platform.
His customers should be able to get around quickly.


Switching to Memberspot was possible without much effort because of our relocation service. The courses can be personalized. For his coaching, now he can share individual accesses for specific users. Your own videos and audios can be uploaded directly through Memberspot because of the large storage. DRM protection ensures that video and audio files cannot be downloaded without permission.