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Stay Cool with Memberspot!

Cool & Smart representatives had to constantly repeat the same information, which meant they had to invest up to 4 hours in a single customer conversation.

70 %
reduced counseling interviews
3 h
per day reduced
Our customers are well informed because of our knowledge videos on the Memberspot course platform.

About Sascha Schalk from COOL & SMART

Sascha Schalk is the CEO of COOL & SMART GmbH. Currently, he has a team of 18 employees. They install air conditioning systems and offer a well-being service to customers, which includes installation, maintenance and servicing. When customers first reach out regarding the installation of an air conditioning system, they receive access to a Course on Memberspot in which they are informed about all the basic information of air conditioning installation. 


A sales employee had to explain the same process at least three times a day. This meant that the quality of the content could not be passed on consistently. In addition, individual customer meetings at the customer's location took 3 to 4 hours.


The variety of the employees' work and informing the customers effectively were a top priority. The customer should be able to watch the knowledge videos again and at their own pace. 


Memberspot has enabled them to save up to 3 hours per day per employee. Before the customer service representative travels to the customer, the prospect is provided access to the digital onboarding platform. This has 2 advantages. 1. the customer can view the information that is most important to him. 2. the customer advisor knows before the consultation appointment exactly what the customer already knows and what he does not yet know. He can look up which videos the customer has already watched.

In this way, Sascha is able to predict before an appointment how likely it is that a customer will make a purchase decision.

The employees now have more time and can advise more customers, as they can start directly with individual customer discussions.

After installation and sales, Memberspot serves as a customer portal. Here one can find information about subsidies and grants as well as the operation of the air conditioning system. As a result, trips by air-conditioning technicians are often unnecessary, as customers are now better able to help themselves.