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More power because of user-friendly interface!

Before Memberspot, Christopher had to train his employees himself. So he decided to record training videos and audios to upload them to a course platform that is easy for his employees to use.

employees in one year
70 %
Improved distribution controlling
We are actively driving forward the transition towards green energy. Memberspot is an integral part of this as we train our sales team to continue to scale.

About Christopher Döring of Energiekonzepte Deutschland:

Christopher Döring is sales manager and authorized representative of Energiekonzepte Deutschland GmbH, which was founded in 2018. It started with 2 sellers. Now they are a size of 650 employees and freelance. They want to enable customers to provide themselves with electricity and become independent of energy companies. They achieve this by using photovoltaics with electricity storage and Cloud Technology Solution. Each customer receives a personal and individual offer.


Time is a big point for Christopher, as it is for many others. Before Memberspot, he had to train every employee on the job. New staff members needed to understand the technical stuff quickly.


It was important that the course platform had a user-friendly interface, because he creates the courses himself. He also wanted his sales partners and sellers to be able to find their way around the tool quickly.


Memberspot provides an enjoyable and clear course layout. By the possibility to watch videos again they can reduce any deficits of the sellers efficiently. In addition, this results in better distribution controlling. The personal domain spreads a certain seriousness towards employees and customers.