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Employee onboarding for Resource Protection.

Employees had to be trained offline.Because of that, the scaling of the company was halted enormously.

more revenue per year
time spent
By digitazing our employee training we have been able to scale our business and 3x our yearly revenue, generating up to 100million €!

About Robert Eckhold of Hofmann Metall GmbH

Robert Eckhold is the CEO of the company Hofmann Metall GmbH, which was established in 1991.
They are a certified metal processing company. Their business model is that they save resources by recycling secondary raw materials, such as metal.


The missing digitalization of the company slowed down the expansion of the business. This also included employee onboarding and training. 


To scale up the operation faster was one of the points he follows. This growth should be fast, to protect more resources and make them reusable.


Through Memberspot, all employees can be trained quickly and effectively now. The continuing education of the employees also takes place with our tool. The motivation increases because of  aesthetic and clear interface.