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Reach your dream weight sustainably with digital online training.

The old platform was too complex and had unnecessary features that Jan didn't need.

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I am absolutely satisfied with Memberspot and can highly recommend it. Professional functions such as the creation of individual roles make it easier for me to manage over 30 employees who look after over 700 customers in Memberspot.

About Jan Bahmann

Jan Bahmann is the founder and head coach of Bahmann Coaching GmbH. He is known from magazines such as Apotheken Umschau, Focus and GEWINNERmagazin. Through a 3-step model, Jan guides clients to their ideal weight. He creates individual strategies that are based on everyday habits and lifestyles. It is important for him that it works in an uncomplicated and effective way.


Jan was looking for a clear and uncomplicated alternative to his previous platform. He did not want to use a english-language tool.


A smooth interface and fast uploading of his fitness coaching videos were important aspects. Overviews of courses should be presented in a clear and descriptive way. The operation should be appealing and simple for users and creators.


With Memberspot, Jan provides his customers with an appealing user interface. His members can exchange ideas in the community area. The german-speaking personal support helps him with every request and takes every suggestion seriously.