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Employee Training

How to digitize your craft business!

Andreas had to train new employees himself all the time and thought that the onboarding of new staff also had to be more efficient.

50 %
increased productivity
days training time reduced
80 %
quality of induction increased
We have digitized our employee onboarding once and continuously save time through it.

Andreas Ledtermann of Metallbau Ledtermann GmbH

Andreas Ledtermann is the CEO of the family business Metallbau Ledtermann GmbH near Pirmasens, Rheinland-Pfalz. Built-on balconies, railings, roofing, flooring and terraces are their specialty. They have customers within a radius of 50 km. At the moment Andreas employs 20 people.


Before Memberspot, Andreas had to train his employees himself. But this took too much time and something important was neglected in the process.


Andreas wanted to offer his new employees a high-quality onboarding experience. 
He came up with the idea of using an online course platform. It took him two weeks to record the content and set up the entire course.
And this is how he came about using Memberspot.


Now he can provide videos to his employees on a permanent basis which saves everyone a lot of time. Even new employees are excited about how much they can learn in such a short time.