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Workouts had to be done in the gym. Because of the time and place constraints, the range could not be fully used.

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The member space ensures that my clients can start training instantly.

About Sjard Roscher from Sjard Fitness

Sjard is a fitness coach at Sjard Fitness and helps his clients to reach a healthy lifestyle. He offers 60 different nutrition plans and workout modules. In addition, he supports his members to continue using his workouts in their daily lives. Through his secret 5-step guide, he shows you how to find your perfect nutrition plan. In his lifetime, Sjard has written two books


Before using Memberspot, it was not possible for clients to start the training flexibly and at any time. The motivation at the beginning could not always be maintained, because the course, for example, starts only in two weeks. In addition, he uploaded the trainings on Youtube. The attention span of the viewers was less intense here.


A solution that is independent of location and time was essential. It was also important to keep the user interface customer-friendly so that no one had to struggle with technology. 


At Memberspot, his online course is DRM protected, which means that others cannot download his content without permission. This is not the same with YouTube. New members can follow the course right from the start, because they get instant access.