Release Notes
August 8, 2022

πŸš€ All changes to the new version 6

All changes in a nutshell:

  • Launch of new community feature in open beta version

Software Version 6 - Community Feature

You aksed for it.
We implemented it. πŸ˜‰

The community feature is finally online! πŸŽ‰

Over 125 votes (upvotes in the feature request board) voted for it, now you can try the feature in the open beta version.

What is the Community Feature for?

The Community is a forum, similar to a Facebook group.

The difference compared to Slack or Discord: it is better suited for well-considered posts.
It is not a group chat tool to talk live.

This is what the Community interface looks like:

Example of a post in a community - version 6

Benefits of the Community Feature


The use of the Community Feature offers various advantages:

  1. Courses and community are in one place, which creates a seamless learning environment.
  2. It is not necessary to constantly switch between platforms.
  3. Community conversations are much more interactive than just limited comments under lessons (these are like small data silos, they are rarely used).
  4. On Facebook, members are often distracted by other posts or ads from competitors.
  5. Facebook groups are not white label, but the various Spaces in the community can be individualized and branded as desired.
  6. Personal data is handled in a DSGVO-compliant manner and is stored on servers in the EU at Memberspot.
  7. your community = your contacts -> It can happen that Facebook blocks you for any reason, sometimes completely unfounded. In your own community, you can be sure that this won't happen.

Who is the Community Feature for? - Potential Use Cases

Added value as a coaching group

It provides a safe space to network, encourages conversations between members, and you can keep everyone informed about dates and events in one place. Worksheets can be completed, submitted and shared with the group. You can get group feedback and also effect or accelerate a transformation.

Added value for online course sellers

The Community Feature allows online course sellers to change their business model. Moving away from the one-time sale of the course to a subscription model. Instead of one-time revenue, generate recurring revenue instead.

Employee onboarding and process training

The community can be used as an intranet, a group where questions are asked and answered centrally. Companies can share their information and company news for employees in the community. Employees have the opportunity to exchange various information on subjects like carpooling, Β joint activities such as group sports, or even private matters. Furthermore, the community can be used as an internal marketplace. All these examples help to strengthen togetherness and the feeling of being a team. Team building is encouraged, simply and effectivly.

Added value for all types of training

The community can be used for more than just process training for employees. This concept can be applied to trainings of all kinds. For example, in software training, here the community can be used to answer feedback and questions from customers and employees in different Spaces.

The benefits are obvious: users help each other and this relieves the support staff. The training participants can also be supported further after the training by being able to voice their questions and suggestions in the groups.

This increases service performance; customers see greater added value from the fully comprehensive support, which comes at no additional expense for the community host.

Operation of the community and its functions

Activate the community as admin - step-by-step instructions

Activate community and get consent from your members:

  1. Click on Spaces in the navigation bar on the left under the item Courses and then on Activate Spaces.
  2. Under Settings (at the very bottom of the navigation bar) you can click on Spaces.
  3. Here you should definitely obtain consent from your members for data protection reasons.

➑️ We have already written a help article that explains all the steps in detail.

You can access the article at the following link:


  1. You can see how such a consent can look like in the help article. This serves as an example, you can copy it under Settings -> Spaces, then paste it into the text field below and individualize it (insert company name, add link to imprint and privacy information and insert email address for possible revocation of consent).
  2. Another option is to have your members sign your terms and conditions or privacy policy externally when signing the contract. Then you can deactivate the consent by activating the slider at Consent is obtained externally. This way, your members' consent will not be obtained within the member area.

➑️ So we offer you the possibility to either handle this yourself or to manage it via our settings (you can apply changes later trough the community settings).

Setting up the community - step-by-step guide

The community feature can be found in the Spaces function. With the community feature you can offer your customers a perfect opportunity to exchange ideas and information with you and the other members.

Options for admins:

Create Space and Space group:
  1. Go to Spaces: Via the plus sign in the upper right corner you can directly create a Space and Space groups.
  2. Create a Space group (e.g. Start).
  3. Then create a Space (e.g. Introduce yourself), select the Space group and decide whether the group should be Public or Secret.

➑️ You have the possibility to set everything individually, even emojis are possible. -> Let your imagination run wild! ✨

A detailed explanation of how to create Spaces and Space groups can be found in the help article at the following link:


Edit Space in the Community - Version 6

Options for members:

Posts can easily be created using the blue Create Post button in the upper right corner, with the following options:

  • posts in text form with various formating option you are familar with from other text editors
  • text posts with cover -> i.e. upload images that are displayed above the post (can also be seen above in the first screenshot)
  • add videos (Vimeo, Wistia, YouTube, Loom)
  • insert a Spotify link, this will automatically be displayed as embedded player (for podcasts)

➑️ Content can be added not only via the editor, but also  intuitively via copy + paste.

  • posts can also be pinned, then they will always be displayed in the top position of a space
  • if you have created a post yourself, you can also edit and delete it
  • posts from other members can be followed, tihs option is under the 3-dot menu
  • you can react to posts from others, so you can not only like, but select different reactions
  • by clicking again on your own reaction, you can remove it
  • you can comment on the post
  • it is also possible to reply directly to comments (they will be displayed indented)
  • own comments and replies can also be deleted
Formatting options for posts - version 6

Add members to Spaces as an admin

When you create your Space, you can make further settings:

Public Space: Anyone who is a member has access.

⚠️ In public Spaces, users can join independently; if this Space is subsequently converted into a secret Space, the member still remains in the Space!
Members can also leave the Space on their own.

Secret Space: This is done via a separate access, so the Space must be added to an access and this access is then passed on to the selected member.

Create access to secret space:

  • you create the access in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen in the section Access (i.e. not directly in the section Spaces!)
  • click on New Access in the upper right corner, enter the individual name of the access and select your Space from the drop-down menu in the Spaces section of the window that appears and save it
  • In themember administration choose the member you want grant access to this space
  • click on grant access, select the access which contains the space and click save

⚠️ If a member does not have access to the Space, he or she will not be able to see the Space group.

There are two types of notifications about new posts, which can be set individually:

  1. In the app: Member gets a notification icon with info about the new post.
  2. As email: Member will receive an email with info about the new post.

➑️ Spaces can also be edited afterwards. Sort spaces by simply drag and drop into the right space-group

Roles can also be created, i.e. permissions for admins can be distributed or restricted, similar to Microsoft Teams.

You can view the community as preview user (click on the eye in the top right corner of the screen). There you can choose a name, add a profile picture and preview your Spaces and Space groups.

There you can also check whether the settings you have chosen are correct with regard to the consent of your members.

If active consent is required and you do not accept it, you will not be able to interact, i.e. post, comment or make any other changes and you will not show up in the member list, but you can view everything.

⚠️ Note: However, it makes sense to create an extra member account as admin for yourself and use it in the community. Log out as a preview user and log in as a member. This way you have the same view as your members. In a later release we will ad the role moderator.

The next steps of software development and the changes in our tarifes

That was a big project, so now we're going to take a little vacation. 😎
After our summer vacation we will continue with developing the community feature.

But now it's your turn first. Test the community feature for all it's worth and give us some feedback!
What are you still missing and which things do you like?

Because your opinion counts! You provide us with new bases for decision-making and we build exactly what is really important to the majority of you! πŸ—οΈ

What else is planned for the beta version? πŸ€”

We didn't want to keep you waiting any longer, so we've released the community now. Soon, however, a few more additions to the beta version will be added:

  • in the member administration, at the member's accesses, the Spaces are not displayed yet -> this will follow soon
  • there will be profile pages of the members, with links to social media as well as a description
  • the mobile layout is still undergoing fine tuning
  • Moderator role will be added

What happens after the beta?

Larger functions in the community will be individually adapted to your feedback and then built, for this there are currently no exact dates.

We know that some of you need certain features and there are platforms that can provide that. Therefore, we would like to give you a brief insight into the topics we would like to tackle in the future:

  • Dashboard
  • Member chat
  • Member board (leaderboard, for engagement and gamification)
  • the possibility of communication among the lessons (comments), which run into a Space group and are displayed there in bundles
  • Customize the view in the groups (list view, tile view, current post view), this allows to build internal wikis and reference works, where you can also disable the comment function
  • there will be the role moderators
  • a search within the groups (currently the search works only within the courses)
  • Live streaming is not planned yet, this should still be done via Zoom

The pricing of the community feature

Currently, the Community feature is available to all customers completely free of charge and without restriction, regardless of the rate selected.

It has not been decided yet how the plans will be structured in the future.


  • Each plan includes a limited number of Spaces and is limited by total storage used. Additional community performance can be added as a package.
  • Community is being developed into a stand-alone product and can be used completely independently of courses.

The exact pricing structure is therefore not yet 100% fixed.

50% discount for the customers who start actively using the community right now

⚠️ First movers watch out!

If the community is actively used, these customers will get a 50% discount on all community extension rates that we will introduce.
Through the intensive use of the community, you can also individually shape our tool with your feedback, adapted to your specific needs.

Note: Moving the community from other platforms is not possible at the moment, because the post structure and date cannot be copied just like that.

Just try the community feature for yourself! No matter if you are already a customer or still waiting for a suitable software solution.

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We wish you a great summer. 🌞

As always, we are very happy about your feedback.

We wish you continued success with Memberspot!

Your Memberspot Team

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