Release Notes
December 22, 2022

πŸš€ All changes to the new version 7.1 - exam repetitions, time limits and subchapters

Release Notes

All changes in a nutshell:

  • Limit number of exam runs
  • Set time limits in exams
  • Random order of questions
  • Expand and collapse subchapters
  • New editor

It's that time again, version 7.1 is online with a lot of great features that we would like to introduce to you today. πŸ₯There are now subchapters that can be expanded and collapsed, time limits and random question orders for exams, plus you can also limit the number of exam runs. πŸŽ‰ You can find all about our new updates for version 7.1 here.πŸ‘‡πŸ½

1. Exams

There are two new additions to our exam feature, exam runs can be limited and time limits can be set. ⏳

Exam repetitions

Now you can determine how often your students are allowed to retake exams, because in the exam settings it is now possible to limit the number of exam runs.

To do this, go to the course where the exam lesson is located, select the exam you want to work on and click Go to exam template.

But you can also create a new exam lesson.

Here you can create a new exam or select an already created exam.

If you want to select an existing exam, click Select exam and select the exam you want to add. Once you have added it, you can edit it by clicking on To exam template (see 1st screenshot).

If you want to create a new exam, click here (see 2nd screenshot) and then click New exam. Here you can also select one of your already created exams in case you change your mind.

Whether you create a new exam or select an existing one, you will land in the Edit Exam tab. Under Questions, you can add, edit or delete questions. Clicking on Properties and scrolling down to Timing/Repeats, you can enable Limit Exam Runs and limit the number of runs, so if the value is set to X, the member can repeat this exam X times until it is passed.

If the member failed the exam in X attempts, he must ask the admin to set the attempts back to 0.

You can reset the tests via Members -> Select member -> Reset results. In this tab you can also view the test results of the respective member. In the Results tab, the exam results are now displayed at the top and the mood barometer at the bottom.

2 important points:‍

1. If an exam run was started and the browser is closed, for example, or navigated out of the exam window, that counts as one attempt.

2. The exam cannot be retaken once it has been passed. To retake the exam, the admin must reset the progress of the exam lesson in question.

Time limit for exams

From now on, time limits for exams can be set to the minute, so the participants only have an individually set time period by the admin to submit the exam.

The setting for the time limit can also be found in the properties of the exam, activate for this time limit for the exam (minutes) and set the desired minutes.

If, for example, 20 minutes are set and the participant does not submit the exam within the 20 minutes, it is automatically submitted after the 20 minutes and the participant can not answer any more questions. After that it will be calculated regularly whether the participant has passed the exam or not.

Random order

Also the random order of questions can be activated in the properties of the exam.
If the option is activated, it is possible to declare how many questions of a certain number of points should be included in the exam run.
So you could e.g. select 10 questions that are worth 1 point, 3 questions that are worth 5 points and so on. In each exam run, the questions that meet the specified criteria are selected from all the questions and are asked in random order. If only the random order is activated, then the questions will be displayed to the participant in, as the name suggests, a random order.

‍2. Subchapters

Subchapters can now be opened and closed. πŸ™ŒπŸ½

If the chapter consists only of subchapters, when you open the chapter, the first subchapter is always expanded and the ones below it are collapsed.

The course thumbnail image in the course detail view and chapter is now displayed on the right side of the description box, for a more appealing layout.
The text floats around the image, and is no longer displayed next to the image.Note: If the caption is centered, the image will no longer display.

3. New Editor

The old editor has been replaced by the new editor that we already use in the community.
All texts that are still in the old editor have been switched to read-only.
If you want to edit the texts now, you have to click on the text and then confirm in the dialog.

We hope we could help you with this article. πŸ‘πŸ½

As always, we are very happy about your feedback. 😊

We wish you continued success with Memberspot!


Your Memberspot Team

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