November 16, 2021

Easily connect Memberspot to payment providers and other tools

What exactly is Zapier and what can you do with it?

Zapier is an intuitive web service that automates actions between 2 software tools. It is an integration tool. Memberspot has integrated the payment providers copecart and Digistore24 directly. All other providers can be connected via Zapier. Many manual steps can be done automatically.

Is Zapier free?

Zapier has a free tariff with which you can carry out up to 100 tasks per month. If you use Zapier, for example, to create a maximum of 100 members per month after a purchase from Shopify in Memberspot, the free plan is all you need.

What is a Zap? A Zap is, for example, a "bridge" between Memberspot and the tool of your choice. If you want to create more than 5, the tariff starts with 750 tasks at 17,95€ per month. You can book a Zapier subscription with a credit card or Paypal.

Connect Memberspot with Zapier

To link external tools with Memberspot, you first need to create a free Zapier account and then link Memberspot there.

  1. Go to and create a free account (click Sing Up).
Zapier solution for integrations
  1. Browse for Memberspot under "My Apps" and select it
Search and select memberspot as app
  1. A popup will appear asking for the API key. You can find this API key in Memberspot
A click on AiKey copies the key to the clipboard
CTRL + V can be used to insert the key

Now you can view the connection and test it via the 3-point menu. The test should be successful.

Once you have completed this step, you can connect another app. In this article we will go through how to connect the Paypal application. The process of connecting all apps is very linear and similar. Therefore, this article will also help you with other connections.

Connecting Paypal

Add Paypal as an app to Zapier. Then select the Memberspot app you want to use (only relevant if you have 2 or more members areas).

On the left side you can see the steps.

Now you select the correct data from Paypal. The first name and the last name and the email. In addition, you can now select which access should be activated in Memberspot. Accesses are like course bundles and you should have read the article about accesses. Otherwise, please have a look at this article:

Connection Paypal and Memberspot

The Order ID is used if you want to create another Zap, e.g. to block an access again automatically if  a recurring payment fails. This is configurable as an option.

Once you have entered all the information, you can test the connection.

The test email then appears in Memberspot's member administration.

In the member details you can now also see the origin. How the access was created. Here, "api" means Zapier.

Following this simple pattern, Zapier can be used to connect many solutions to Memberspot. We are looking forward to not only triggering incoming signals with Zapier, but also external signals. Until then, have fun automating your processes.

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