Release Notes
November 10, 2021

πŸš€ All changes to the new version 4.7

All changes in a nutshell:

  • A lot of preparations for the authorization concept has been made
  • Added Admin by Invite feature
  • Admin interface in English
  • Use your own form for self-sign up
  • Progress bar updates for new content in courses

Preparations for the permissions system

Many Memberspot users want to give their administrators different rights. In this version, we have created the basics so that this will be possible in January. Attached is a screenshot. Besides fixed roles, it will also be possible to create specific permissions on course bases. Here is a screenshot from our UI design team.


In January, we will show some examples of how to use this feature.


Add Admin by Invite

With the new version, admins can be added more easily. Previously, you had to register first and only then could you add the admin. This led to many member areas being created unnecessarily and to queries in customer support. Now the admin receives an email. If he is already registered, he can start directly. If they are not yet registered, the email takes them to a registration page.


Admin interface in English

We already have customers and business partners who offer their courses in English. Now you can set the admin area to English. Just click on the top right.


Use your own form for self-sign up


In Settings and Self-Signup, you can now integrate your own form. This makes sense if you use the member site as a lead magnet and first want to ask further questions about the registration process. Some form solutions like Typeform have a Zapier interface. If you connect them, the member is created directly in Memberspot.

Progress bar updates for new content in courses
You have often given us feedback that when you add another lesson to a course or chapter, members don't see this directly. One has to navigate into the course first, only then the progress indicator is updated.

This is no longer the case. After adding new content to a section as an administrator, the progress status is checked and updated 30 minutes later. Members no longer have to go to the courses or chapters to see if there is new content.


As always, we are very happy about your feedback!

We wish you continued success with Memberspot,

Team Memberspot!

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